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Political Campaign Professionals Weigh in on Digital Ahead of 2020 Cycle

Professional Feedback

Digital political ad campaigning is still a relatively new industry which means a lot of excitement as well as a lot of fear among those who know campaigning best. In 2018, a poll was conducted of political campaign professionals that resulted in a list of the most promising developments and biggest concerns regarding digital campaigns.

Promising Developments

Topping the list of promising developments are:

  • Audience data that is higher in quality and more readily available
  • Improved technology for connecting offline/online audiences
  • Confidence in digital media, leading to more ad spending and marketing up for grabs

Biggest Concerns

Topping the list of biggest concerns are:

  • Proving advertising impact to clients
  • Targeting specific voters effectively and accurately
  • Winning/securing/expanding ad budgets

Digital + You

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