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Welcome to Campaign Ad-Cloud 3.0

Our team is so excited to bring you this updated platform experience. From an elevated look to a brand new, innovative package builder… you are now more in control than ever before.

Brand New Package Builder

Enable multiple media channels with the click of a button

Gone are the days of just social campaigns or just display campaigns. Today, it’s all about multi-faceted campaigns, and building the perfect multi-faceted political campaign has never been easier. Easily view all of your media add-on options at one glance and then simply turn each media channel on/off with a single click.

More data selection options for targeting

Third party data targeting is no longer only offered in custom packages. Simply select “third-party data” in the Audience Targeting Data section and select any or all of the voter segmentations: Republican, Democrat, Independent, Swing.

Build your own campaign mix with the brand new, innovative builder

Mix and match all of your campaign details to find the perfect mix. Want to run a one month campaign targeting 1,000,000 independent voters with CTV, Display, and Digital Audio? That’s easy! You can even directly edit individual media pricing and use the impressions slider to determine the perfect amount for each media.

Updated Design & User Experience

We are constantly updating the look & feel of the website and platform to ensure you are always interacting with a state of the art product. In this update, our design team touched every single page, so explore around and check out all the changes!

This is your campaign. You should be the one in control.


Have questions about the updates? Getting lost on the new platform? 

Head to your account dashboard and reach out to your account executive. They can answer all of your questions and even give you a short demo of the new platform if you’d like!

Ready to take the next step?

Campaign Ad-Cloud is a voter ad-targeting platform that will revolutionize your approach. 

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